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Young girl in striped swimsuit splashing in hose spray with grandfather Parenting · Physical Health · Toddler · Infant · Prenatal Make a SpLaSh with Water Play Water play is one of the simplest summer activities that supports all areas of early childhood development. Father holding child outside with sun shining through branches Family Support & Well Being · Mental Health · Physical Health BIOPHILIA Can Benefit Your Child and You, Too! Biophilia is the love of life or living things. Learn how biophilia benefits the physical and mental health of everyone! Black woman and two young black children dancing, smiling Pre-School · Toddler · Physical Health Waddle Like A Penguin, Leap Like A Frog Stuck inside? Read about, talk about and then move like ANIMALS! Two young boys carrying a large pillow, smiling Pre-School · Toddler · Physical Health Moving Little Bodies With An Indoor Obstacle Course An obstacle course? YES, and with regular household items like paper towels, boxes and bath towels. Woman and young child in a cobra yoga position side by side Physical Health · Pre-School · Toddler Yoga For Kids No yoga mat? No problem…just grab a towel and enjoy some winter indoor movement with your child through yoga. Adult father figure smiling at young girl sitting cross legged on counter with assortment of fruits and vegetables Parenting · Family Support & Well Being · Physical Health · Pre-School Demonstrate Healthy Eating with Preschoolers You are your child's best teacher for enjoying a healthy lifestyle. Here are ways to demonstrate healthy habits with kids. Business Logo: SoundSpeech Therapy Physical Health · Diverse Needs SoundSpeech Therapy: Occupational Therapy Developmental Milestones Therapists at Sound Speech Therapy share Occupational Therapy milestones for children ages birth to six years. Young child wearing a cowboy hat, sitting with legs in a W-shape out to each side Physical Health · Pre-School · Toddler All About W-Sitting Learn more about w-sitting in young children. two rubber ducks in water Physical Health Water Safety Water safety tips to help families enjoy the hot summer months. mom, dad and baby hugging Physical Health · Prenatal Support for High Risk Pregnancies LMH Health has an extensive group of doctors whose focus is on high risk pregnancies.
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