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parent and child reading

The Importance of Reading Books From Multiple Perspectives to Young Children


Books are a major component of how young children begin to understand the world around them.  It is important to provide children with multiple perspectives so that they can see the world through a multitude of lens.  

This TED Talk, The Danger of a Single Story, describes the importantance of reading to your children from a variety of perspectives.  The talk explains that if books only show one perspective, like that only dogs eat apples, for example, a child may only understand apples through a connection with dogs and nothing more. 

Looking for books with diverstiy that are early childhood appropriate can be quite a task.  The Early Childhood Anti-Bias Education Booklists is a great source of reads including: Racial Identity, Gender Identity, Holidays, Activism and more! Barefoot Books is a book store that prides itself on celebrating diversity in its collection and is an excellent source to find books from this book list.  

Young children are soaking up the world around them at a fast pace.  These resources can ensure that your child is gaining a thorough view of the world as they are developing and growing.  



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