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Blocks are one of the simplest forms of toys available for young children. Yet the complexity with which they stimulate a child's development is extraordinary. 


What is Blockfest®?

Children learn through play and open-ended, creatively-driven opportunities provide the type of experiences children both want and need. Blocks are a wonderful way to offer hands-on objects that can be used for those very playful purposes. Blockfest® is a research-based experience that provides unlimited possibilities for caregivers and children to play.

During a Blockfest® group, five different types of blocks are available, each within its own designated area. A child and their caregiver as well as siblings or other family members have the time and materials to build, create, take-turns, and connect. The act of playing with blocks builds early skills in the areas of science, math, language, and arts. The social connection between child and caregiver strengthens emotional skills as well as creates a shared experience to talk about, laugh about, and learn from. 

Children's toys are in abundance online and in stores. They become more expensive with every flashing light and they require more servicing with every battery needed. Blocks are not flashy. They do not play music. There is no light-up screen. Yet they have the ability to hold a child's attention while stimulating their brain in ways that are foundational to the development of early learning skills across all areas.

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