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baby with xylophone

Early Childhood Theme Kit Descriptions


Welcome to the descriptions page of the Early Childhood Theme Kits.  Here you will find a brief description, a visual, and an inventory list of each kit.  Happy browsing!!!  

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Bats Section

bats books


Are bats really as creepy as we make them out to be?  Learn more about these nocturnal creatures with the books and activity binder in this box.


   Bats at the Beach

   Bats in the Library

   Flying Bats


   Zoobook Bats

   Is That a Bat?

   Magic School Bus Going Batty


   Beanie Baby Bats


Bears Section

Bear books


This box includes so many fun learning activities!  Retell the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears with puppets.  Work on rhyming and animal identification with Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See.  Use the sorting bears to play with colors and patterns.  Who knows.  You may even host your very own teddy bear picnic!


   The Three Snow Bears

   Where Is My Teddy?


   Maybe a Bear Ate It

   Snow Bears

   Brown Bear Brown Bear

   We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

   Bear and Ball

   Polar Babies


   The Teddy Bear ABC

   Blueberries for Sal


   Winnie the Pooh Loves Honey

   Giant Panda Zoo Boo

   Bear and Kite

   Bear Loves Letters



   Brown Bear Props

   Upper/Lower Case Cave Hunt

   Goldilocks and the Three Bears Felt Puppets

   Panda Puzzle Alphabet Matching

Dinosaurs Section

dinosaur books


Roar!  Don’t look now, but there’s a dinosaur!  A lot of dinosaurs!  Explore the prehistoric times with this two box set.  Each box includes dinosaurs for dramatic play, lots of books, and a binder of possible activities.  Allow yourself extra time to explore these boxes.


   Dinosaur Dinner



   Dinosaurs A-Z

   Dinosaurs at Your Fingertips

   Dinosaur Dance

   Dinosaurs Everywhere

   Dinosaurs Roar!

   How Do Dinosaurs Clean Their Rooms?

   How Do Dinosaurs Play with Their Friends?

   How Do Dinosaurs Count to Ten?

   How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food?

   How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You?

   The Troll Prehistoric Times

   My First Jumbo Book of Dinosaurs

   The Great Dinosaur Search

   Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs

   Dinosaur Bob and His Adventures

   Life Size Dinosaurs

   Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp

   Tyrannosaurus Tex

   Dinosaurs, A Developmental Unit for Preschool

   Magnetic Dinosaur Storybook


   Fandex Family Field Guide

   Imaginetics Dinosaurs Magnetic Play Set

   Great Dino Divide File Folder Game

   Dinosaur Posters

   Dino Dominoes

   Dinosaur Alphabet Matching

   Lots of Dinosaurs

Ducks Section

Duck books and materials


Quack! Quack! There is a lot of learning fun in this box about ducks.  Learn  about shapes, counting, and colors through the games, books, and activity binder included in this box.  Your little ducklings will love it!


   Click, Clack, Splish, Splash

   Duck for President

   Duck and Goose

   Duckie Rainbow

   Duck Stories

   Farmer Duck

   Five Little Ducks

   Goodnight, My Duckling

   Have You Seen My Duck?

   Little Quack Dial a Duck

   Little Quack Hide and Seek

   Make Way for Ducklings

   The Hungry Duckling

   The Little Duck

   The Story about Ping

   The Tale of Jemima Puddle Duck

   Waddle, Waddle, Quack, Quack, Quack

   Zoobooks Ducks, Geese, and Swans


   Stuffed Farmer Duck

   Beanie Baby Duck

   Ten Felt Ducks

   Water Toy Ducks


Frogs Section

Frog materials


Learn more about frogs with this box.  In addition to books and a binder of activities, the box includes a puzzle, lessons and “models” on the life cycle of a frog, and frog puppets.  The wide mouth frog from the book also brought along some of his wide mouth friends.


   Froggy Went A-Courtin’

   From Tadpole to Frog

   Never Snap at a Bubble

   The Frog Alphabet Book

   The Teeny Weeny Tadpole

   Watch Me Grow

   The Wide-Mouth Frog

   Life Cycle of a Frog

   I Don’t Want to Be a Frog


   Life Cycle of a Frog Puzzle

   Rainforest Frogs Puzzle

   The Mysterious Tadpole Prop Kit

   Wide Mouthed Frog Activity Guide and Puppets

   Life Cycle Frog Sequencing

   Beanie Baby Frogs

Kangaroos Section

Kangaroo books


An animal with built in pockets?  What’s not to love!  Check out this box of books and an activity binder to learn more about these creatures.  What would your kids keep in their pocket if they were a kangaroo?


   I Love It When You Smile

   Who Are You, Baby Kangaroo

   Marsupial Sue

   Kathy’s Pocket


   Wooden Puzzle

   Felt Puppet

   Beanie Baby Kangaroo

   Kangaroo and Joey Poster

Monkeys Section

Monkey stuffed animals and books


There is something about monkeys that just make kids smile.  Have fun introducing your kids to Curious George and those five monkeys that always seem to be jumping on the bed.  See what other mischief monkeys get into with the other books included in this box.  Also included is a binder of activities and several Barrel of Monkey games.


   Apes and Monkeys

   Caps for Sale

   Curious George and the Bunny

   Curious George and the Ballet

   Curious George 

   Curious George Goes Fishing

   Curious George Goes to the Air Show

   Curious George Opposites

   Curious George Rides

   Curious George Takes a Job

   Curious George ABC

   Don’t Wake Mama

   Eight Silly Monkeys

   Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

   Good Night Gorilla

   Naughty Little Monkeys

   Orly the Orangutan


   Barrels of Monkeys Games

   Chimpanzees Poster

   Go Bananas

   Five Little Monkeys Felt Board Pieces

   Money Sequencing Game

   Curious George Doll

   Stuffed Gorillas

Penguins Section

Penguin books


Who doesn’t love penguins!  Their waddle alone makes them cute.  Learn more about penguins with the suggested activities and books included in this box.  Introduce them to Tacky the Penguin.  Let them create their own icebergs using the plastic penguins.  Let them cuddle with a stuffed   penguin at naptime.  The possibilities are endless.


   Hop to the Top

   Peek-a-Boo Penguins

   Penguin Post


   Penguins Teaching Guide

   Tacky the Penguin

   The Emperor’s Egg

   Your Personal Penguin

   Zoobooks Penguins


   Penguin Figurines

   Penguin Number Match File Folder

Pets Section

   Penguin Laminated Sheet

   Beanie Baby Penguins


Some of our best friends have fur!  Help kids explore different kinds of pets and how to take care of them.  Many books and a binder of activities are included in this box.  Your kids will have fun playing with the stuffed animals as well.


   Cats vs Dogs

   Bad Kitty

   Biscuit Storybook Collection

   Harry and the Lady Next Door

   Bad Dog Marley

   Biscuits New Trick

   Classic Clifford Stories

   Dear Mrs. LaRue: Letters from Obedience School

   Dog’s Colorful Day

   Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy

   Hondo and Fabian

   Huggly, Snuggly Pets


   Martha Speaks

   On, the Pets You Can Get

   Pets, Pets, Pets

   Pepper, a Snowy Search

   Pick a Pet

   The Trouble with Pets

   The Poky Little Puppy

   The Stray Dog

   Too Many Dogs

   What Pets Teach Us

   Where’s the Puppy


   Feed the Dog a Bone File Folder Game

   Pet Animals Poster

   Pet Shop Poster

   Flannel Pets

   Beanie Baby Pets

   Pets Laminated Pictures

   Puppy Puppet

Pigs Section

Pig books


Pigs aren’t only cute, but they are smart.  Learn more about pigs with the books and binder of possible activities in this box.  Warning–you may need to have a pancake party after reading If You Give a Pig a Pancake!


   If You Give a Pig a Pancake


   Olivia Saves the Circus

   Pig Gets Stuck

   The Picky Pig

   The Pig in the Pond


   Pig Bean Bag

   Three Pigs Puzzle

   Three Little Pigs Flannelboard Pieces

   This Little Piggy Cars

   Alphabet Flashcards

Rabbits Section

Rabbit stuffed animals and books


They are cute and cuddly and love to get into people’s gardens.  The farmers featured in the books in this tub will tell you that.  Spend some time with the activity binder to explore more about rabbits.  Maybe your creative kids can help keep the rabbits out of their gardens.


   Count on Bunnies

   Good Night Moon

   The Runaway Bunny

   The Tale of Peter Rabbit

   Muncha, Muncha, Muncha


   Rabbit Sequencing Cards

   Peter Rabbit Tic-Tac-Toe

   Feed the Rabbit Game

   Set of Flannel Bunnies

   Rabbit Puppet

   Beanie Baby Rabbits

   Large Carrot

Rainforest Section

Rainforest materials


A large variety of animals live under the canopy of the rainforest.  Introduce your kids to some new animals and where they live with this tub.  In addition to books and a binder of possible activities, this tub includes a puzzle and a felt set to create your own rainforest.


   Animals of the Jungle

   If I Ran the Rainforest

   Jungle ABC

   Rain Forest

   Rainforest Animals

   Rainforest Wildlife

   Step Inside the Rainforest

   The Umbrella

   The Jungle Book


   Rainforest Animal Poster

   Rainforest Poster

   Rainforest Card Games

   In the Jungle Puzzle

   Mask Set from The Umbrella

   Who Lives in a Rainforest File Folder gGame

   Rainforest Felt Set

Zoo Section

Zoo books and stuffed animals


Bed Section

If you can’t go to the zoo, bring the zoo to you!  Your kids will love looking at the pictures of real animals in the collection of Zoo Books in this tub.  Maybe they will be inspired to create their own zoo through crafting or bringing stuffed animals from home.

Bed Time Book Bag

Everyone needs time to nap and rest, littles and grown ups included.  Snuggle up with the littles in your care and read the books included in this bag.  Activity pages are also included.


   Time for Bed

   Goodnight Dog

   Sleepy Dog




   Dreamland CD

   6 rings

   1 teether

Llama Section

   3 cloth cards

   11 calm down tubes

Is Your Mama a Llama? Story Bag

Explore different kinds of animal moms as you read Is Your Mama a Llama. Also included is a llama hoodie for dress up.


   Is Your Mama a Llama (2 copies)


   Animal Picture Cards (12 pieces)

Rumphis Section

   Felt Board Animals (7 pieces)

   Llama Hoodie

Miss Rumphis Book Bag

As a girl, Miss Rumphis wanted to accomplish three things:  visit faraway places, live by the sea and make the world a more beautiful place. The first two were easy, but making the world a more beautiful place proves to be a challenge.  This bag includes the book, story telling props, extension activities and a teacher resource card to extend the learning fun.


   Miss Rumphius


    4 Knobbed Transportation Pieces

   Transportation Questions and Answers

   Flower Part Labeling Mat

   Story Telling Pieces (shell, camel, picture frame, compass

   Memory Matching Cards

   Upper and Lowercase Letter acth

Nursery Section

   Laminated Map

   Teacher Resource Card

Nursery Rhyme/Fairy Tale Book Bag

Travel back to your childhood and share some of the nursery rhymes and fairy tales from your past.  Felt storytelling pieces are included for many of these familiar rhymes.  Also included are books, a roll and cover game, and sheep to practice colors.


   Nursery Rhymes, Fingerplay, and Songs

   The Three Bears

   The Three Kittens


   38 Nursery Rhyme Pictures to go with the book

   Roll and Cover Game

   2 Gingerbread Cookie Cutters

   Mary Had a Little Lamb Learning

   Cow Jumped Over the Moon Felt Pieces

   Hey Diddle Diddle Sequence Cards

   Goldilocks Felt Pieces

   Little Red Riding Hood Felt Pieces

   Laminated Story Cards

   Jack and Jill Felt Pieces

   Baa Baa Black Sheep Felt Pieces

   Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater Felt Pieces

Peek Section

   Jack Be Nimble Felt Pieces

   Felt Board

Peek A Boo Story Bag

Who doesn’t love a good game of Peek-a-Boo??  Expand your game with the items in this bag.  Books, scarves, a peek-a-boo block, and activity pages are included.



   Let’s Play Peek-a-Boo

   Peekaboo Kisses


   Cloth peek-a-boo block

Rainbow Section

   6 scarves

   Activity pages

Rainbow Fish Story Bag

Rainbow Fish LOVES his shimmering scales!  They make him the most beautiful fish in the ocean.  What happens when Little Fish asks Rainbow Fish to share his scales?  Find out with this bag!


   The Rainbow Fish

   The Adventures of Rainbow Fish

   The Copycat Fish


   Felt Board

   7 Velcro Backed Storytelling Pieces

Tops Section

   Color Match File Folder Game

   Activity Ideas

Tops and Bottoms Story Bag

Bear has lots of money and lots of land–and he’s lazy.  Hare has nothing but a hungry family.  Hare is sure there is a way to share Bear’s wealth.  Find out how Hare tricks Bear to feed his family of rabbits.  Also a great opportunity to explore how veggies grow and the difference between fruits and vegetables.


   Tops and Bottoms

   Fruits and Vegetables


    16 Velcro back storytelling pieces

    Fruit and Vegetable File Folder Game

Alphabet Section

Alphabet books


Letters are everywhere!   Have fun helping your kids learn the names of letters with this tub.  In addition to books and a binder of activities, you will also find cookie cutters, lacing shapes, matching games, and felt letters to go along with Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom.

Clothing Section

Clothing materials


Learning how to fasten, buckle, button, and tie is really hard, especially for little hands!  Use this tub to practice all kinds of fasteners.

Colors Section

Colors books


Counting Section

This tub gives kids a great opportunity to explore colors through books and the binder of activities included.  Maybe you’ll go on a color hunt.  Maybe you’ll have a color show and tell day.  Maybe you’ll mix color and see what happens. The possibilities are endless.


Learning Section

Kids pick up counting pretty easily.  Recognizing numbers can be a little harder.  Explore counting and numbers with the books and activities in this tub.  Puzzles are also included.


Learning and fun should go together like mac and cheese.  This bag contains items to work on letters, rhyming, and critical thinking through books and games.  



   Animals A-Z

   Touch and Feel ABC


Letters Section

   Critical Thinking Photo Cards with Instructions

   Picture Rhyme Board Game


As the bag suggests, letters really are all around us!  The bag includes an alphabet puzzle, alphabet stamps and stamp pads, books, and magnetic letters and pictures.


   Alphabet Rescue

   Albert’s Alphabet

   Alphabet Under Construction


   Alphabet Stamps

   Ink Pad (***Check upon return)

   Alphabet Puzzle

Words Section

Words Section

   26 Letters for Puzzle

   26 Magnetic Letters


This bag is designed for those who are ready to discover how bigger words work.  Included in this bag are a variety of cards that work on short vowels, long vowels, blends, and digraphs.


   Z is for Moose

   Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

   Eric Carle’s ABC


   2 Chalkboards

   Beginning Sounds Cards

   Consonant Blends Cards

   Upper Case Cards

   Lower Case Cards

   Short Vowel Cards

   Consonant Digraph Cards

   Short and Long Vowels

Math Section

Math Section

   Word Family Cards 


Math materials


Numbers Section

This tub allows kids to explore many math concepts beyond counting in a fun way.  Introduce your kids to patterning, fractions, measurement and more in fun, age appropriate ways.  Many hands-on activities provided.

Numbers Section


Have fun exploring numbers with this bag.  Count fruit to match the number blocks.  Working on counting backwards with those silly monkeys jumping on the bed.  Practice patterning and sorting with the fruit counters.  The possibilities are endless.


   Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed



   0-9 wooden numbers

   Counting Mats

   Fruit Counters

Opposites Section

Puzzles and books


Explore the concept of opposites with this tub.  Included are books and two opposite puzzles.

Rhyming Section



Kids LOVE rhyming books!  Rhyming is also a very important pre-reading skill.  Introduce your kids to rhyming fun with this tub.  So many books and possible activities.

Shapes Section

Shapes and books


Sign Section

Shapes are everywhere.  Explore different kinds of shapes with this tub.  Kids can explore with books, a binder of possible activities, and all kinds of shapes.  Who knows.  Maybe you’ll end up on a shape walk in your neighborhood.

Sign Language Books


Spanish Section

Many young children are able to learn sign language for things before they learn to speak.  This tub includes many books to introduce kids to basic signs.

Spanish books


Time Section

Kids' ability to learn a second language is much better than adults.  Why not introduce them to Spanish early. This tub contains a ton of books and a binder of possible activities.  Also great opportunity to allow Spanish speakers in your care to shine!

Time books


Asian Section

Introduce your kids to the concept of telling time.  This tub includes books, a binder of possible activities, and clocks for play and practice. 



   Easy Chinese Cooking

   Everybody Cooks Rice

   Everyday Stir-Frys

   How My Parents Learned to Eat

   My First Chinese New Year

   The Empty Pot


   Set of Chinese Zodiac Symbols

   Chinese New Year Dragon Spot Count

   Dragon Flip Book

   Red Envelopes

   Chinese Zodiac Dominoes

   Chinese Zodiac Matching


   Play Wok with Lid, Base, Stand


   Decorative Dish Set

Chocolate Section

   Asian Play Food

   2 Wooden Puzzles

Chocolate books


Chocolate may not be the healthiest food, but it sure is delicious!  This tub includes books and a binder of possibilities of activities.  There are a lot of early math skills that can be done with M&Ms.  And you can eat the M&Ms when you are done.  That’s my kind of learning!


   Beans to Chocolate

   Chocolate: A Sweet History

   From Cacao Bean to Chocolate

   M&M’s Color Pattern Book

   M&M’s Counting Book

   What’s For Lunch? Chocolate

   More M&M’s Math

Cookies Section



Cookie materials


C is for cookie and that’s good enough for me.  At least that’s what I learned from Cookie Monster.  Your kids can learn even more from Cookie Monster and friends through the books and activities included in the tub.  


   Big Crunchy Munchy Cookies

   Mouse Cookies and More

   Cookie Monster Book of Cookie Shapes

   The Doorbell Rang

   The Biggest Cookie in the World

   Mr. Cookie Baker

   Dinosaurs for Dessert

   Cookie Monster’s Time to Eat


   Animal Crackers Game

   Plastic Cookies

   Cookie Critters Box of Cookie Cutters

   If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Shadow Match

   If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Letter Matching

   Wooden Rolling Pin

   Cookie Count

   Cookie Dough Scoop

Cooking Section

   Alphabet Cookie Cutters

   Assorted Cookie Cutters

Cooking materials


This kit contains an apple corer, an apple peeler, and a blender in addition to recipe books for cooking with kids.


   Blender Cook Book

   Babar Learns to Cook 

   Twigs 12 Months of Food for Thought

   Cook Around the World

   The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs


   Measuring Spoons

   Measuring Cups

   Liquid Measuring Beaker

   Whiz It Up Folder with Recipe Cards

   Blender with Lid and Base

   Apple Corer

Eggs Section

   Apple Wedger

   Apple Peeler/Corer/Slicer with Stand

Egg books


Kids often know baby chicks come from eggs.  But what other animals start as an egg.  Learn that and more with this tub.  This tub includes books, a binder of activities, and a booklet of egg recipes.  Time to get crackin’.


   Chickens Aren’t the Only Ones

   Eggs and Chicks

   Too Many Eggs

   The Egg

   Egg in the Hole

   Green Eggs and Ham

   Millions of Years of Eggs


   Egg Shape Matching

   Empty Plastic Eggs

   Too Many Eggs Props

   Counting File Folder Game

   Alphabet Matching File Folder Game

   Little Red Hen Flannel Board Pieces

   The Easy Edible Egg Packet

   Chicken Puppet

Hispanic Section

   Sequencing Cards

   Egg Matching Cards

Hispanic Foods


Explore new recipes with this tub.  This tub includes books, recipes, and suggested activities.  It also includes books in Spanish.  Plan a fun fiesta.  Maybe it will lead to a nice hora de la siesta!


   A Birthday Basket for Tia


   I Speak Spanish for My Mom

   Kids Get Cooking

   Mexican Learning Packet

   The Runaway Tortilla

   The Well-Filled Tortilla

   Una Arana Encantadors

   Unosito Encantadors

   Un Conjito Encantador



   Small Blue Enamel Pot with Lid

   Play Food

   Finger Puppets

Mealtime Section

   English/Spanish Food Cards

   Cinco de Mayo Laminated Sheet


Explore new foods and how they are prepared with this kit.  Kids can practice making their own meals using the pretend food, plan what they would take on a picnic, and explore what foods need to be cooked before eating.  




   Play Food

Milk Section

   20 Food Sorting Cards

   7 Creative Curriculum Learning Game Cards

Milk and Ice cream books


Where does milk come from?  How does it become ice cream?  Find out the answers to this and more with this tub.  There are many books and a binder of possible activities.


   It Looked Like Spilt Milk

   The Milk Makers

   Milk from Cow to Carton

   Milk to Ice Cream

   No Milk

   Oliver’s Milk Shake

   One Cow Moo Moo

   What’s for Lunch? Milk


   Play Food

   Alphabet Ice Cream Cone Match

  Milk Bottle with Colored Cookies

  Ice Cream Flip Book

  Ice Cream Scoop Number Cards

  Stuffed Cow

  Sequencing Cards

  Ten Bottles of Milk on the Wall Cards

Veggies Section

  Dairy Days Poster

  Ice Cream Counting File Folder Game

Vegetable Books


It’s not always easy to get kids to eat their veggies.  Explore different kinds of veggies with the books and possible activities in this tub.  Maybe you’ll end up doing a veggie taste test or make vegetable soup.


   How Many Vegetables

   I Eat Vegetables

   The Vegetable Show

   Oliver’s Vegetables

   The Ugly Vegetables

   Vegetable Soup

   I Like Ring Book

   June 29th 1999

   I Will Never Eat a Tomato


   Vegetable Poster

   Food Matching Folder

Community Section


   Matching Lids Game

Community Helpers


A community needs helpers of all kinds to make it work.  Imagine if we took away sanitation helpers or doctors?  This box includes books, puppets, and even some rescue vehicles to help kids explore the people in their community.


   A Day in the Life of a Firefighter

   ABC of Jobs

   Does a Tiger Open Wide?


   What Will I Be

   Curious George Takes a Job

   A Day in the Life of a Farmer

   A Day in the Life of a Garbage Collector

   A Day in the Life of a Veterinarian

   All Through the Town

   I Like Animals


   Felt Hand Puppets

   Bulletin Board Figures

   Community Helper Match Cards

   Elmo Poster

   Fire Engine Alphabet Cards

   Fire Truck

   Tow Truck

   Plastic Helicopter

   Wooden Fire Truck

Families Section

   Wooden Helicopter

   Doctor Costume

Families books


We all have families, but they don’t all look the same.  Help kids explore their own family and others with this box.  It includes books and an activity binder to prompt conversations about the people who love us most of all.


   Boundless Grace

   Corn Rows

   Families Around the World

   Fathers Mothers Sisters Brothers

   Finding Nemo Best Dad in the Sea

   Giggles with Daddy 

   How Not to Babysit Your Brother

   Knock! Knock!

   Meet Danitra Brown

   My Brother and I

   My Daddy Snores

   My Grandma and I 

   My Grandpa Is Great


   The Hello Goodbye Window

   You’re My Nikki

   No David

   The Quilt Story

   I Miss You Stinky Face

   Where’s My Mummy

   Mommy Is That You?

   Daddy Will You Miss Me?

   Mommy Mine

Family Section

   Mommy’s Bed

   Counting Kisses


Explore families and family activities with this bag.  Included are several books, dolls, and activity pages.


   At Home

   Giggles with Daddy

   Mommy Loves Me

   Kisses for Mommy

   Dady and Me

   Little Brother

   Brothers are for Making Mud Pies

   Big Sister, Little Sister


   Large photo/activity cards

   Family Photo Cards

   People (4 adults, 1, child)

Feelings Section

   4 LIttle People

   Activity Pages

Feelings and Emotions books


We know it’s hard to be little!  Sometimes our feelings come out in some not so great ways.  This box includes various book titles that help kids explore some of those feelings.


   Alex Goes to Court

   Back Off Bully Boys

   Before Push Comes to Shove

   Best Day of the Week


   I Am Not a Crybaby

   Let’s Talk About Being Destructive

   Let’s Talk About Being Selfish

   Let’s Talk About Fighting

   Let’s Talk About Teasing


Germs Section

   When Sophie Gets Angry

   Sometimes I Feel Like a Mouse

Fighting Germs books


Germs are everywhere!  Become a superhero by learning how to get rid of them!  Practice brushing using the giant oversized toothbrush and teeth.  Also included in this box are books and games you can play including a tooth fairy letter matching game and coins that can be used to play tooth fairy.  Germs don’t stand a chance!


   The ABC’s of Clean Teacher’s Guide

   Barney Goes to the Dentist

   Brushing Buddies

   Buddy Bear’s Handwashing Trouble

   Food Safety Express

   Germ Busters:  The Handwashing Activity Book

   Germs Make Me Sick

   The Magic School Bus Inside Your Mouth

   Me and Charlie

   The Ten Potato Scrub

   Those Icky Sticky Smelly Cavity Causing, but Invisible Germs


   Handwashing Poster

   Large Toothbrush 

   Large Teeth Model

   Tooth Fairy Shape Cards

   Tooth Brush Color Flip Book

   Tooth Fairy Alphabet Matching Cards

   Playdoh Toothpaste Letter and Number Mts

   Teeth Playdoh Mats

Friendship Section

   Tooth Fairy Calendar Numbers

   Germ Puppets 

Friendship Books


Making friends is hard.  Sometimes keeping them is even harder.  This tub includes books that investigate what it means to be a good friend.  Also included is a binder with other activities and games that can be used to explore this topic.


   Bear’s New House

   Disney’s Five Minute Stories

   Forest Friends Help Each Other

   Forest Friends Learn to Share

   Fox Makes Friends

   How Do Dinosaurs Play with Their Friends


   Let’s Be Friends

   Little Bird’s House

   Owen and Mzee Best Friends


   Toot & Puddle

   Celestine Drama Queen

   Scaredy Squirrel Makes a Friend

   Try a Little Kindness

Friends Section

   The Crayon Box that Talks

   What Does It Mean to Be Kind

Special needs books


Sometimes people learn and play in a way that is different from us.  This tub includes books that help kids explore how people with special needs may be different from us, but we also have a lot in common.


   A Button in Her Ear

   Friends in the Park


   My Buddy

   No Fair to Tigers

   Why Does That Man Have Such a Big NOse


   Person with Crutches Puzzle

   Person with Wheelchair Puzzle

Manners Section


   More Alike Than Different Kit

Manners books


Having good manners is more than just being polite.  They are a way of showing those around us that we care.  This box includes books and activities that help little ones begin exploring manners.  There are also place mats and dishes so you and your kids can practice their table manners.


   Pass the Cheese Please

   Elbert’s Bad Word


   Why Do You Always Have to Say Please

   Say Please

   D.W.’s Guide to Perfect Manners

   Thank You

   It’s a Spoon, Not a Shovel

   Time to Say Please


   Grover’s Guide to Good Manners

    A to Z Ps and Qs

   My Eating Book

   How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food

   Barney Says Please and Thank YOu

   Berenstain Bears Forget Their Manners


   Place Mats

   Play Dishes

Body Section

   Manners Card Game

   Time to Say Please Board Game

My Body books


Our bodies are incredible and mysterious machines!  Help kids explore how their bodies work with the books and activity suggestions in this box.  It also includes a stethoscope! 


   Growing Up Feet

   You Can’t Make a Move Without Your Muscles

   ABC I Like Me

   All About Me

   Food & Me


   Hear Your Heart

   I Like Myself

   I’m the Greatest Me There Could Ever Be

   It’s My Body

   Loose Tooth

   Me and My Body

   My Book About Me 

   What’s Inside My Body



   Large Body Parts Laminated Puzzle

Senses Section

   Hand Sponge


My 5 Senses books


Our five senses help us learn about the world around us.  This tub includes books and activity suggestions on how our senses help us.


   Knots on a Counting Rope


   The Five Senses Taste


   Animals Soundtracks Game


   Matching Texture Mats

   Slim Goodbody’s Musical Guide to What’s Inside


Baby Section


   Play Phones

Baby books


Adding a new member to the family can be exciting but confusing at the same time.  This box includes books and suggested activities to help kids explore what having a new family member looks like.


   Baby Makes Five

   Baby Talk 

   Julius The Baby of the World

   New Baby

   Peter’s Chair

   The Baby Sister

   Welcoming Babies



People Section


   Peter’s Chair Retelling Kit

People Around the World books


Grab your passport and take a trip around the world.  This two box set includes books featuring different cultures, cooking projects, games, and so much more.  Allow yourself a little time to go through these boxes.  There is a lot to explore.


   A Birthday Basket for Tia

   A Ride On Mother’s Back

   A Chair for My Mother

   Beneath the Rainbow

   Black Is Brown Is Tan

   Bright Eyes, Brown Skin

   Children Just Like Me

   Child of the Sun


   Grandmother’s Garden

   Hats Hats Hats

   In Coal Country

   Just Like Me


   Mama Do You Love Me?

   Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters

   Multicultural Snacks



   The Boy Who Loved Dumplings

   The First Strawberries

   The Goat in the Rug

   The Land of Many Colors

   The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush

   The One and Only Special Me

   This Is the Way We Go to School

   A Trip Around the World

   Bread Around the World

   My Name Is Johari

   Off We Go to Mexico

   On the Go

   Passport on a Plate

   Picture Atlas of the World

   The Kids Multicultural Cookbook

   Usborne Round the World Cookbook


   People of the World Photo Posters

   Hello from Around the World File Folders

   Children of the World Puzzle

   Let’s Be Friends Poster

   Kids Poster

   Foods and Festivals Posters

Space Section

   Many Faces Posters

   Ring Around the Rosy Domino Game

Space Exploration books


Shoot for the stars as you explore space.  This box includes books, puzzles, and a binder of ideas for the Solar System.




   Exploring the Night Skies

   I Want to Be an Astronaut

   Space Tour

   There’s No Place Like Space


   Solar System Puzzle

   Space Shuttle Puzzle

   Robot File Folder Puzzle

Bubbles Section

   Alien/Planet Color File Folder Game

   Spot In Space Poster

Bubbles books


Get outside for some bubble fun!  This tub includes books and bubble solution.


   Bubble Festival


   Bubbles, Bubbles

   The Unbelievable Bubble Book

Camping Section


   Bottles of Bubbles (Check bubble solution upon return)

Camping Books


Build a tent and get ready for time around the campfire.  This tub includes books, an activity binder, and campfire songs.  I suddenly have a craving for smores.


   Bailey Goes Camping

   Monk Camps Out

Cars Section

   Camping Out

   Around the Campfire

car toys


On your mark.  Get set.  GO!!!  This tub includes several cars for your kids to race around the room or outside.  Set up an obstacle course and see if the kids can make it through.  Or let them design their own roads.  Just remember to obey those traffic signs.


   Car Play Mat

   Car Felt Puppets

   Car Laminates

   Wooden Peg Puzzle

Castles Section

   Toy Cars 

   Match the Cars File Folder Games

Castle toys


Your princes and princesses will have a great time exploring castles.  The books and suggested activities may have them wishing for a pet dragon of their own.  Also included are puppets, lacing cards, and a castle playset.  (People for the playset are not included, but can be easily made out of paper or clothespins.)


   A Medieval Feast

   Blueberries for the Queen

   Dragons, Dragons and Other Creatures That Never Were

   Herb, the Vegetarian Dragons

   Knights and Castles

   Pish, Posh and Hieronymus Bosch

   The Knight and the Dragon

   The Paper Bag Princess

   Who Wants a Dragon


   Castle Tent


   Bendable Herb the Vegetarian Dragon

   Imaginenext Wizard’s Castle Prop

Circus Section

   Princess Hat

   The Princess and the Pea Flannel Board Pieces

Circus books


Send in the clowns.  This tub includes books and a binder of possible activities.  You may end up creating your own three ring circus.


   ABC Circus

   Curious George Circus Act

   Grocery Bag Art Circus

   Harold’s Circus

   The Golden Circus


   Circus Tickets

   Elephant Peanut Counting

   Elephant Sequence Cards

Construction Section

   Elephant Upper and Lowercase Matching

   Circus Bear

Construction books


Kids are naturally drawn to construction trucks and dirt.  This box includes puzzles, books, a binder of possible activities, and a tool kit.  It won’t be long until your kids are “fixing” all kinds of things around them.


   AlphaBet Under Construction

   Big Machines, Big Building

   Alphabet City

   Bob the Builder Building Buddies

   Bod the Builder Bob’s Favorite Fix It Tales


   Construction! Emergency

   I Want to be a Builder

   Look Inside Cross-Sections Bulldozers

   Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel

   Tonka Building the New Road

   Tonka Working Hard

   Dump Trucks


   Giant Digger Puzzle

   Construction Puzzle

   Wooden Construction Vehicles Puzzle

   Bob the Builder Doll

   How Many Windows Counting Cards

   Dump Truck Play Set

   Plastic Tool Set

   Tools Matching Cards

Duplo Section

   Small Dump Truck

   Large Cement Mixer Truck

Duplo blocks


Lacing Section

Those little hands will have a great time using their imaginations to create with these blocks.


Have fun working on fine motor skills with these cards.  There are lots of shapes to choose from.


Movin Section

   Lacing Shape Cards

   Strings for Lacing


Time to get up and make some noise!  Maracas, a xylophone, and a drum are included.  Scarves and bubbles are included to inspire some fun movement to the music.


   Barnyard Dance

   Let’s Count Baby

   Hugs Hugs Hugs


   Bandanas (12)

   2 Shakers

   Xylophone with Mallet

Potato Section

   Wave Drum


Mr. Potato Head


Talk about a blast from the past!  Mr. Potato Head are back to help your kids learn about parts of the body while having fun.


   3 Potato Head Sets

Music Section

Musical instruments and books


Strike up the band!  Treat your neighbors to the ultimate concert with this box.  This box includes many instruments and books featuring classic kids songs and rhymes.  There is also a binder of possible activities.


   Arthur, It’s Only Rock and Roll

   Do Your Ears Hang Low

   Down By the Station

   Love Me Tender

   Froggy Plays in the Band

   Head Shoulders Knees and Toes

   Piggy Back Songs to Sign

   Hey Diddle Diddle

   It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

   Momma Don’t Allow

   More Than Singing

   Olivia Forms a Band

   Over the Meadow


   Row Row Row Your Boat

   Shake My Sillies Out

   Shanna’s Hip Hop Hooray

   Skip to My Lou

   The Remarkable Farkle McBride

   The Wheels on the Bus

   Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

   Wee Sing Silly Songs

   Wee Sing ABC Book and CD

   The Singing Sack


   Wheels on the Bus Story Props

   Instrument Poster 

   Musical Footprints Play Pad


   Chino Tone Blocks

   Finger Cymbals

  Handheld Drum



   Rhythm/Drum Sticks

   Seed Rattler

   Wrist Bells

Office Section



office supplies


It’s time to get to work!  This tub includes phones, a keyboard, a binder of possible activities and more.

Playdoh Section

play doh equipment


Few things bring as much joy as playdoh.  This tub includes dough tools, cookie cutters and playdoh.




   Playdoh  (***Check playdoh upon return)

   Sticks for Rolling Pins

   Alphabet Cookie Cutters

   Wooden Tools

   Assorted Plastic Molds and Cutters

   Play-doh Color Flip Book

   Play-doh Letter Tile Cards

   Letter Tiles

   Play-doh Bingo

   Play-doh Sequencing Cards

   Play-doh Snake Letters

   Play-doh Memory Cards

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